Char-Broil – Now You're Cookin'

Strategy // Print // Digital

The grill category is filled with brands trying to capture the hearts of the grill aficionado. Char-Broil wanted to carve out a new space around the idea that most people who grill love it for more than just the grilling aspect. They love the entire grilling experience—the cookout, the dinner party, the tailgate, the camaraderie. Char-Broil products were designed with smart and forgiving technology to helps you make great food on the grill without missing what’s happening around it. Our job was to communicate this idea through a fresh new identity and attitude for the brand.

The first component of the new identity was a new voice, brought to life through the tagline Now You’re Cookin’.  It’s a simple statement that says when you fire up a Char-Broil grill the fun is just getting started.

To establish the Now You’re Cookin’ attitude we created a series of brand videos that ran as pre-roll and on the Char-Broil website. The tone of the videos shifted away from the traditional product centric nature of the category and presented Char-Broil products in various lifestyle settings.

As part of the brand re-launch we developed display, print and in-store display for Lowes Home Improvement.