Lowes Foods

Brand Development // Strategy // Broadcast

Lowes Foods is a North Carolina-based grocery chain that came to The Variable looking for a complete brand reinvention. Our task was to turn their newly created strategic positioning into a messaging platform, to create the new Lowes Foods identity, to create and brand several store-within-a-store concepts, to extend short-term store news into a long-term planning process, and to make the cash register ring…loudly. We dove in quickly.

Lowes Foods is one of the few remaining local, family-owned grocery stores in the Southeast, so we wanted their heritage to come through loud and clear in their new branding.


As the Lowes Foods logo process evolved, the marks that rose to top embraced the old and the new, simultaneously.


The final logo is an elegant nod to their past and a tip of the hat to their evolving future.



The campaign used visual cues to take consumers back to a time when the concept of a local grocer actually meant something. Lowes Foods has always stood for local products grown by local farmers. The look and feel of the campaign echoed that commitment.


The problem with grocery stores is that no one cares about grocery stores. Our job (as always) was to get people to care. To get customers to drive past Harris Teeter and Whole Foods and into Lowes Foods. We accomplished this by creating a completely different grocery experience – because at the end of the day, consumers don’t want a better price on milk, they want a fundamentally improved experience.


At every communication touchpoint, from OOH to pre-roll to print to digital, we tried to get people to give a damn about grocery. But the communications were always second fiddle to the transformative experience that was being created at Lowes Foods. It’s those experiences that get people to care.


In light of all of the store upgrades, Lowes Foods wanted to create a program that reinforced their commitment to saving guests money. Instead of taking the traditional route, we named the program Barnburner Savings. And showed guests how it engulfs their shopping carts in savings. Literally.