Mountain Khakis

Brand Development // Strategy // Print Design

Mountain Khakis was one of the most beloved outdoor clothing brands in the country. Their task was to grow sales beyond the hardcore outdoorsmen. We were able to position Mountain Khakis as purveyors of the mountain life and all who aspire to it. So even as people moved away from the mountain and into other facets of life, even as they sat in a boardroom, their Mountain Khakis allowed them to “Rise Above It”.

Mountain Khakis had a great logo. But the logo didn’t necessarily deliver on the¬†quality of the product. Mountain Khakis are known for their rugged features. You cannot wear out a pair of MKs.


The pants had a great, detailed steel button and a grosgrain strip inside every pair. These items reinforced their commitment to quality. So we recreated these elements and made them calling cards for the brand.



Clothing brands have often been built around lifestyles. Ocean life created Vineyard Vines. Southern life created Southern Tide. The opportunity was for a mountain brand to embrace the non-technical side of the mountain. To celebrate the moments that make the mountain life worth living.


Mountain Khakis is not a technical brand that you only use on the mountain. It is a lifestyle brand that identifies with the ethos of the mountain. Our strategy was to allow people to take the mountain with them, no matter where their non-mountain life resided.