Culture Matters

Jodi Dias

Culture matters. Because giving a shit about people matters. And while there are lots of reasons I will happily tell you why I love coming to work here every day, here are a few that stand out above the rest:

1. We play golf together (and by “play golf”, I mean “drink beer”):

Just search #variablegolf and you’ll see what I mean. Each year our agency throws a golf outing to end all golf outings. Some of us are decent, but most of us are terrible. And that’s what makes it great. We spend time getting to know each other while dizzy-bat spinning before hitting a 3-iron over water. We believe getting to know your colleagues outside of the office will forever change the way you treat them inside the office. When it comes to golf, we run the gamut of the good, the bad and the ugly. But, when it comes to ridiculously awesome fun, we are Jordan Spieth (or maybe more like John Daly.)

2. We put family first:

We hope you come by and say “hi”. Just know that on any given day, beautiful children or fluffy pups may greet you at the door. And, on most days you won’t see our lights on after 6p. It’s not because we don’t do everything and anything to service our clients, it’s because we know that by putting our families first we’re able to give our best when we’re in the office. We believe that quality of life means quality of work®.

3. We like each other:

I can honestly tell you that I genuinely enjoy knowing every single person that I work with at The Variable. They’re not just fantastic co-workers, they’re awesome human beings. Every day, we leave the ones we love to come to work, and I feel grateful to come to a place where I can confidently say I’m surrounded by friends.