Do Good Shit.

Matteson Fields

Don’t sell things.

Tell things.

Tell truths.
Tell jokes.
Tell a story from time to time.

Make things.

Make them interesting.
Make them worth the time.
Make people care because they actually do, not because they think they should.

Start things.

Start engines, brains and conversations.
Start all three at the same time if you can.
Start sooner.

Go to things.

Go to new places.
Go different ways to old places.
Go on adventures.

Do the things.

Do the work that needs to get done.
Do the work that you want to be proud of.
Do good shit.

These are goals.

Not always outcomes. But they’re great places to start. Sometimes advertising is simply advertising. But sometimes it can be a lot more. It’s hard to make every campaign a social movement or constantly crank out comedy gold. It’s hard to make everything you make something monumental or timeless. Good shit is hard to do.  But it sure as hell is a lot of fun to try.

P.S. Go Panthers.