AgencySpy: Agency Life is Like the Animal Kingdom

Patrick Coffee

The Variable Compares Agency Life to the Brutality of the Animal Kingdom

Life in the agency world is tough. Just ask North Carolina’s The Variable, which has been mentioned on this blog a few times in recent weeks in connection to something.

Just in time for an end of day Friday post, the folks down in Winston-Salem created a little satirical web series called The Adland Adventures (though we hear that the word “adland” may be the intellectual property of someone who runs a blog somewhere on earth).

It’s all about making light of the fact that advertising is a weird place to work, sort of like the mini-sitcom that Toronto’s Elemental recently produced except maybe less overtly self-promotional. The theme is the natural world, and each short is kind of making fun of a different archetype.

First there’s the lawyer cheetahs, which “WENT THROUGH THREE ROUNDS OF REVISIONS AND A TWO-WEEK APPROVAL PROCESS.” Then there’s “Eavesdropping Elk,” or an art director who wants to make sure he/she is in on the hot new project.

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