90% of Americans Don’t Care About Brands

Ninety Percent of Americans Don’t Give a Damn About Most Brands They Buy

Recent survey reveals marketers’ biggest challenge

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – August 27, 2015 – A recent survey* finds that 90 percent of Americans are indifferent toward the vast majority of brands they buy, uncovering the severity of the nation’s brand apathy and marketers’ biggest challenge.

“Most marketers spend their time worrying about other brands while their fiercest, most unrelenting competitor – consumer indifference – continues to grow,” said Jennifer Ganshirt, director of strategy and insight at The Variable. “The data solidifies what we’ve believed for awhile now: people don’t give a damn about most brands, so brands need to start giving a damn about people.”

Further demonstrating the need to attack consumer indifference, the study reveals that 73 percent of Americans feel that most brands they buy are interchangeable with other brands. In addition, 68 percent said they care deeply about fewer brands today than they have in the past. So, what’s a marketer to do?

“Marketers and agencies talk about building brand love and consumer loyalty, but the real fight is getting people to even remotely like you,” said Joe Parrish, partner and chief creative officer, The Variable. “Our people-first approach solves real problems, champions people’s passions, advances meaningful causes, and genuinely brings them value – far beyond introducing just another ad-like object or app-like experience for the sake of advertising.”

With less than a third of consumers feeling like they are in a relationship with their favorite brand, the study also reveals how to cut through their apathy. When asked about their favorite brands, Americans said they:

• Make their lives easier (90 percent)
• Are interesting and relevant (91 percent)
• Make it worth their time to interact with them (84 percent).

The Variable has been laser-focused on fighting consumer indifference with a people-first approach for more than two years, resulting in significant growth, new clients, and industry recognition, including being named a 2015 Ad Age Small Agency of the Year and American Advertising Federation Best in Show awards.

For more information about The Variable, its creations and client roster, and to view case studies of the agency’s recent indifference-fighting work, please visit www.TheVariable.com.

*May 2015 nationally representative survey of Americans aged 18 to 65 fielded by global market research firm Survey Sampling International.


About The Variable:

A creative group of big agency refugees, The Variable is a reformed ad agency focused on fighting consumer indifference wherever it exists. They love ideas that haven’t been so thoroughly run through the machine that all the special parts have been rubbed off and lost. They’re a nimble group of the best and the brightest, brought together to create ideas that are cut close to the bone and engineered to move consumers out of their natural state of uncaring. The Variable has been named an Ad Age Agency of the Year. For more information about The Variable, visit: www.TheVariable.com.