Plan For Duke

Healthcare insurance providers were transitioning available plan options for the 2016 open enrollment season, including more narrow network plans – some of which did not include Duke Health. What’s worse, if a patient’s current plan was going away and they didn’t actively choose a new plan, they would be defaulted into the plan that did not include Duke Health.

We needed to create informed healthcare consumers, STAT.

The idea was to create a website that allowed patients to learn more about the mechanics of Open Enrollment and to identify the plans from all health insurance companies that provided access to Duke Health.

The Plan

We developed an integrated communications plan that delivered a broad mix of traditional and digital media tactics to maximize weekly reach during the open enrollment season. We convinced healthcare consumers that the healthcare landscape was changing. And we drove everyone to to make sure Duke was in their future plans.

It worked

The Plan For Duke campaign successfully established urgency in the healthcare market around the changing landscape of health insurance while reinforcing Duke Health’s positioning. Duke was at risk of losing over 30,000 current patients and the campaign drove over 115,000 people to from November 2015 to January 2016, and 24% of people engaged with tools that helped them successfully navigate choosing a healthcare plan that included Duke Health.