Soffe Integrated Rebrand Campaign

Strategy // Print // Digital // Social

Soffe was known for selling cheerleader shorts to tweens in the 1980ʼs. They had evolved their product line to be on the leading edge of athleisure and needed to reframe themselves to millennial females. We uncovered the insight that millennial girls enjoy shared success more than individual success. For them, it is all about collaboration and working together. We created a campaign with the tagline “The Strength Is In Us.”


We initially launched The Strength Is In Us campaign to consumers via Instagram, where we shared a version of the brand manifesto in a format that allowed for a distinct brand reset. These Instagram posts invited users to explore our updated website (and improved clothing line) too.

#TheStrengthIsInUs launch earned a total reach of more than 2.52 million impressions in less than four weeks.

EdgeRank optimizations to Facebook posts (content and strategy) increased the followers reached and average number of followers who engaged with content.

To activate the campaign, we created a social movement, #TheUsProject, that called for millennials to stop taking so many selfies and started taking pictures of them with their friends…the people who give them their strength. We asked girls to turn their cameras from vertical to horizontal and take #groupies, not #selfies! The results were amazing.


We worked with Soffe to create a line of tops specifically for this campaign so girls could proudly show their support of #TheUsProject at school, on the field or at the gym. After all, what better way for an apparel company to showcase and promote this campaign than through clothing?