Buck O'Hairen's Legendary Sunshine

Brand Development // Packaging // Product Design

We identified a hole in the beverage category. A white space, if you will. Consumers were moving to middle — somewhere between sodas and energy drinks — but no one had a product that capitalized on that trend. So we pitched it to a large drink manufac…wait, no we didn’t. We made it ourselves. And we’re darn glad we did. Buck O’Hairen’s Legendary Sunshine is the Southern Pick-Me-Up that meets the needs of tomorrow’s beverage drinker.


We created a compelling aesthetic that harkened to a time gone by, when attention to craft was paramount. And consumers have responded. Without even reading an ingredient, consumers consistently say that Sunshine must be better for them and not as artificial as the competition.


Why spend five bucks on a greeting card that will undoubtedly get tossed in the trash? Share a Sunshine is the world’s first drinkable greeting card. Know someone that needs a pat-on-the-back or a kick-in-the-pants? Send them a customized can of Sunshine.

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