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Account Supervisor

We need an account supervisor who is confident enough to guide clients down the right paths and our team toward the right solutions. Someone who can artfully manage neither being the agency’s mouthpiece to the client nor the client’s mouthpiece to the agency. Someone who can push back in a way that makes people love them even more for doing it.

Copy Editor

The Variable is looking for a copy editor to make sure we’ve crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s. Someone who cringes when they see the misuse of there, their and they’re. Whether it’s copy for our website, a client presentation deck or a product brochure, we need someone who can proofread 99.9% of documents that see the light of day.

Director of Account Management

We need a Director of Account Management who gets excited about helping shape and build what’s next. Someone who gets a thrill from helping the people on our team grow into their full potential. Someone who is confident to guide clients down the right path and our team toward the right solutions. Someone who believes in the value of a great brand strategy and who collaborates across departments to develop ones that lead to indifference-fighting creativity. Someone clients want with them in the boardroom to help deliver that big presentation, and in the local bar with them after said presentation to celebrate or commiserate. Someone who is both strategic and hands on, tenacious and humble, passionate and fun.

Editor Videographer

Are you a gifted storyteller, camera wizard and an editing Einstein? If so, polish up that resume, because we’re looking to hire a rock star Editor/Videographer to join our crazy-talented Winston-Salem team.

Graphic Designer

As a designer at The Variable, you will not be a designer. Of course you will have to design stuff, but you will be responsible for much more than that.

Account Executive

Our team has the talent to do incredible things. Which is good, because our clients expect incredible things. We need an account executive who can help us deliver the incredible things we need to deliver every single day.

Project Manager

Does an unalphabetized book shelf bother you? Are you fearless in the face of fire drills? Do timelines and deadlines give you the good kind of goosebumps? If you answered yes to at least two of these questions, then please, keep reading.

* We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against applicants due to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, national origin, veteran status or on the basis of disability.