Our team has the talent to do incredible things. Which is good, because our clients expect incredible things.

We need an account supervisor who is confident enough to guide clients down the right paths and our team toward the right solutions. Someone who can artfully manage neither being the agency’s mouthpiece to the client nor the client’s mouthpiece to the agency. Someone who can push back in a way that makes people love them even more for doing it.

We work across a variety of categories from restaurants to grocery to healthcare to CPG to whatever we decide to do next. (Did you hear about the energy drink we created? Cause we did. Or that we have a commercial screen print press in our basement? Cause we do).

We are looking for non-traditional thinkers. Employees who succeed at The Variable come up with brilliant strategies and campaigns one day and breakthrough product development ideas the next. You need to be the self-starting, strategic-thinking, entrepreneurial type. You need to be funny and engaging and hard working and willing to pitch in on whatever crazy opportunity pops up next. We are small by design. So we hire carefully.


  • Lead internal and external stakeholders to ensure projects are on brief, on budget and on time.
  • Look at each piece of the pie in new and unexpected ways; challenge conventions and assumptions and inspire clients to do the same.
  • Lead our team to greatness on every at-bat with thinking and creative work that always exceeds client expectations and continually raises our own bar.
  • On a fully integrated account, connect the dots between all internal stakeholders – actively (and proactively) uniting all team members to ensure plans and ideas are seamlessly integrated
  • Know great creative work when you see it, make it better and sell it through.
  • Learn, know and love the client’s business as much as they do and anticipate potential pitfalls
  • Craft inspiring briefs and persuasive POVs
  • Embody the values of The Variable while maintaining a positive attitude and dedication.
  • Want to develop, grow and supervise other team members as the agency grows.
  • Have an interest outside of advertising that you are just as passionate about as advertising (we are firm believers in work/life balance…we need to know you love something else).


  • 5-7 years of agency experience and a track record of being awesomely awesome (if your clients and colleagues will cry when you resign, that’s a good indicator that you’re awesomely awesome)
  • Innate strategic thinking skills with a desire to sharpen them under the tutelage of our strategic thinkers.
  • Proven track record of delivering inspiring work that is effective in-market.
  • Demonstrated ability to engage with senior-level clients and agency leaders.
  • Knowledge of traditional, digital and non-traditional advertising, specifically social.
  • The motivation to always deliver the best work without micromanagement.
  • The coveted skills of organization, detail-orientation and multi-tasking-ation.
  • Flexibility and the ability to roll with the punches