As a copywriter at The Variable, you will not just be a copywriter. Of course you will have to write stuff, but you will be responsible for much more than that.

We are looking for a writer with big ideas and digital chops to work on a variety of accounts, from CPG to RTD and every acronym in between. So we need someone who thinks a little differently. Someone who can write an award-winning headline, but also think of a gazillion-dollar business idea. Someone who is constantly curious and always two steps ahead of what everyone else is thinking.

We want someone who will find his or her place within the current team. To do that, you need to be non-linear in your thinking. You need to be thick-skinned and self-starting. You need to be funny, engaging, hardworking and willing to pitch in on whatever crazy opportunity pops up. We are who we are by design, so we hire carefully. No assholes.

Ideal candidates will have a few years of agency experience. But if your book makes us jealous, we don’t care what your resume says.


  • Consistently deliver groundbreaking ideas.
  • Actively participate in concept development sessions
  • Help execute integrated advertising and communication campaigns
  • Balance multiple projects with exceptional organization and attention to detail
  • Foster great work, great ideas and great execution
  • Increase knowledge sharing between colleagues, clients and partners.
  • Take complete ownership of assigned work in developing advertising concepts, products, ideas and/or services.


  • Agency experience and a track record of executing amazing ideas (traditional or otherwise).
  • Included a link to your portfolio on your resume or cover letter.
  • The initiative to complete assignments on time without constant pestering.
  • Digital and social media experience.
  • A degree in Advertising, Communications or English and/or a pedigree from a portfolio school (or something equally impressive).