As an Assistant Media Analyst at the Variable, you must build a strong relationship with agency leadership and work cross-functionally with the strategic planning, integrated media and creative teams. With a keen understanding of a client’s industry and business objectives, you help The Variable add a dimension to its differentiated research approach and creative development. You will ensure quality, integrity and thoroughness on all data studies, insight developments, client analytics and reporting.


  • Lead studies of big and small datasets to uncover insights into consumer behavior and conversations occurring both offline and online
  • Assess The Variable’s current data technologies and work streams to identify areas for refinement and future product/ service development
  • Work with media teams to better understand demographics within targeted consumer segments and enhance media placements.
  • Lead and assist in the creation and delivery of presentations
  • Collaborate with agency leaders to invent new approaches to insight development and create new sources of revenue for the agency through new service capabilities, new startups, product creation or other means
  • Have an interest outside of advertising that you are just as passionate about as advertising (we are firm believers in work/life balance…we need to know you love something else).


  • 1-2 years experience
  • A degree in business, mathematics or related field
  • Solid knowledge of Google Analytics
  • Adobe experience preferred