We need a group business director who is confident enough to guide clients down the right paths and our team toward the right solutions. Someone who can artfully manage neither being the agency’s mouthpiece to the client nor the client’s mouthpiece to the agency. Someone who can push back in a way that makes people love them even more for doing it. Someone who is both strategic AND hands on, tenacious AND humble, passionate AND fun.

We are looking for non-traditional thinkers. Teammates who succeed at The Variable come up with brilliant strategies and campaigns one day and breakthrough product development ideas the next. You need to be the self-starting, strategic-thinking, entrepreneurial type. You need to be funny and engaging and hard working and willing to pitch in on whatever crazy opportunity pops up next. We are small by design. So we hire carefully.


  • Be a curious individual who looks at each piece of the pie in new and unexpected ways; challenge conventions and assumptions and inspire clients to do the same. You learn from the past but don’t hesitate to dive into the future.
  • Lead a portfolio of client partnerships with a consultative, front-footed approach. You must have leadership presence with senior-level clients; attending relevant meetings, developing and leading presentations when appropriate. You must also know when and how to provide opportunities to your team to help develop and lead presentations.
  • Be a champion of the work, your client’s business and The Variable. You listen for a chance to change the client’s business, you’re a catalyst for great business thinking and creative work, helping make the work better and orchestrating the flawless implementation.
  • Collaborate and partner with creative teams, strategic planners, engagement planners, social strategists, producers and the operations team to lead our team to greatness on every at-bat. Ensuring we bring strategic thinking and creative work that always exceeds client expectations and continually raises our own bar.
  • Sagely guide account teams through inspirational and hands-on leadership, providing active (See something, say something) mentoring, and providing appropriate opportunities to lead and grow. Making sure you cultivate talent to be the best version of themselves (As business leaders) possible.
  • Be business minded about your portfolio of clients and successfully manage your clients to meet the profitability goals.
  • Be a hunter for business, jumping into New Business when needed and helping secure organic growth through your existing clients.
  • Embody the values of The Variable while maintaining a positive attitude and dedication.
  • Partner with the director of account management to drive long-term account planning, growth and success
  • Have an interest outside of advertising that you are just as passionate about as advertising (we are firm believers in work/life balance…we need to know you love something else).


  • 10+ years of marketing/advertising experience preferred.
  • 5+ years of agency experience.
  • A track record of being awesomely awesome (if your clients and colleagues will cry when you resign, that’s a good indicator that you’re awesomely awesome).
  • Innate strategic thinking skills.
  • Proven strategic abilities that span business strategy, brand strategy and activation.
  • Proven track record of delivering inspiring work that is effective in-market. Plus, a demonstrated ability to think beyond the ask and bring proactive ideas that surprise, delight and drive business.
  • Demonstrated ability to earn the trust of senior-level clients, agency leaders and agency partners.
  • Knowledge of traditional, digital and non-traditional advertising. Plus, a desire to break new ground and lean into what is next.
  • The motivation to always deliver the best work.
  • A proven ability to cultivate talent and consistently bring out the best in them.
  • The coveted skills of organization, detail-orientation and multi-tasking-ation.
  • Demonstrated you can not only deliver compelling, business driving solutions but you can cultivate and grow your existing client relationships.
  • The proven ability to manage a portfolio of clients and teams.

(Due to the high volume of responses, we will only be able to contact you if we move forward with your candidacy. Thank you for your interest in The Variable.)