Our team has the talent to do incredible things. Which is good, because our clients expect incredible things.

We need a senior account executive who can help us deliver the incredible things we need to deliver every single day. Someone who embraces processes that work and challenges ones that don’t. Someone who sweats the details and timelines and release-to-production dates.

We are looking for non-traditional thinkers. Employees who succeed at The Variable come up with brilliant campaigns one day and breakthrough product development ideas the next. You need to be the self-starting type. You need to be funny and engaging and hard working and willing to pitch in on whatever crazy opportunity pops up next. We are small by design. So we hire carefully.

(Due to the high volume of responses, we will only be able to contact you if we move forward with your candidacy. Thank you for your interest in The Variable.)


  • Be a curious individual, a fan of great creative work and be someone who is confident participating in creative reviews and leading internal work sessions. 
  • Be strategically curious and confident writing tactical creative briefs where appropriate. Plus, have a good understanding of the importance of the consumer decision journey.
  • Have demonstrated the ability to build client relationships and have the confidence to ask difficult or challenging questions. Plus, have a front-footed mindset about the client’s business, not afraid to think beyond the ask and learning how to bring proactive thinking and ideas to the clients. 
  • Be responsible for ensuring the timeliness and quality of work that is delivered to your clients. And help manage the internal resources to ensure flawless implementation.
  • Be able to build strong, collaborative working relationships with all internal team members and help make sure all folks are brought into the process at the right time.
  • Lead multiple projects from conception to completion, by anticipating challenges and ensuring deadline and budget adherence.
  • Embody the values of The Variable while maintaining a positive attitude and dedication.
  • Have an interest outside of advertising that you are just as passionate about as advertising (we are firm believers in work/life balance…we need to know you love something else).


  • 3-4 years of agency experience and a track record of being awesomely awesome (if people will cry when you resign, that’s a good indicator that you’re awesomely awesome)
  • Demonstrated the ability to engage with junior to mid-level clients and agency leadership.
  • Experience helping execute integrated campaigns
  • The motivation to always deliver the best work without micromanagement.
  • The ability to keep things moving so we deliver perfection on time, every time.
  • The coveted skills of organization, detail-orientation and multi-tasking-ation.
  • Strong research, writing, editing and client interaction skills.
  • Proven you can perform well under pressure and be a team player.
  • Collaborative team building skills. 
  • Excellent time and project management skills


Due to the high volume of responses, we will only be able to contact you if we move forward with your candidacy. Thank you for your interest in The Variable.