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As a designer at The Variable, you will not be a designer. Of course you will have to design stuff, but you will be responsible for much more than that. We’re going to bring our clients amazing ideas. We need someone who thinks a little differently, sees the world in RGB and CMYK at the same time and considers Pantone books “light reading.”

We are looking for a designer with a penchant for great ideas and fantastic prowess for details on a variety of accounts, from CPG to RTD and every acronym in between.

We want someone who will find his or her place within the current team. To do that, you need to have the ability to juggle a lot of fast-moving pieces. You need to be thick-skinned and self-starting. You need to be funny, engaging, hardworking and willing to pitch in on whatever opportunity pops up. We are small by design, so we hire carefully.

Ideal candidates will have 5+ years of experience with a book that blows us away, a proven track record of success and a work ethic that inspires others to ask for your autograph. We want someone that is hard to define. Are you a designer? Are you an AD? Honestly, I don’t care. But when we throw a packaging assignment and a TV spot your way, you eat them up and ask for more.


  • Actively participate in concept development sessions.
  • Take complete ownership of assigned work in developing advertising concepts, products, ideas and/or services.
  • Embody the values of The Variable while maintaining a positive attitude and dedication.
  • Have an interest outside of advertising that you are just as passionate about as advertising (we are firm believers in work/life balance…we need to know you love something else).


  • Agency experience and a track record of executing amazing ideas (traditional or otherwise).
  • Included a link to your portfolio on your resume or cover letter.
  • The initiative to complete assignments on time without constant pestering.
  • Some digital and social media experience.
  • A mastery of the Adobe suite of products
  • A degree in Communication Design, Art Direction, Graphic Design and/or a pedigree from a portfolio school (or something equally impressive).