Out of all your favorite things to do, we’d wager grocery shopping isn’t on your list. So when Lowes Foods began working with The Variable, we knew we had an incredible (and challenging) opportunity. Looking down the barrel of steep YOY sales decines and the Amazon-ization of the industry, we helped overhaul everything for Lowes Foods. We deployed an all-out engagement strategy to bring people back as a community, earn their loyalty, and have them fall back in love with their homegrown grocery store.

There is no advertising campaign in the world that can fix an experience problem. We knew that re-thinking consumer engagement was the answer to fixing grocery, and the folks at Lowes Foods agreed. So we all held hands and set out to re-imagine everything about the grocery experience.

Our goal was to make grocery shopping awesome. We created a grocery experience through the lens of today’s modern grocery shopper. It was part Pixar, part Disney, part Nordstrom. We made an all-out assault on shoppers’ senses (in the best way possible). And we created a one-of-a-kind shopping experience you can’t find anywhere else.