Two longitudinal trends had been converging in the beverage category: 25-45 year olds purchasing fewer high-octane energy drinks and people of all ages seeking options with functional benefits. So we quickly developed a new product concept and pitched it to a large beverage manufac…actually, we didn’t. We formulated, designed, manufactured and brought to market a better-for-you, better tasting energy drink called Sunshine.

We identified a hole in the energy drink market. There was a consumer shift from wild to mild that wasn’t being met in marketplace. We decided to put our money where our research was, and create a product to fill that need.

We started by creating a compelling brand, complete with a great backstory that was ripe for exploitation.

We then dove into the business-building logistics of finding a formulator and a co-packer and a distributor and a sales team and thousand of other little (but business-critical) things.

We then created the communications plan and the advertising campaign that would introduce Sunshine to world and position us firmly against the testosterone fueled competitors in the energy drink aisle.