The advertising agency timesheet is dead. Or will be very soon thanks to Fairly, a new pricing, forecasting and resource management solution that will revolutionize how advertising agencies operationalize their businesses and go to market. Using a proven, progressive approach to value-based pricing, Fairly will allow agency leaders to earn higher revenues and achieve greater profit margins for their ideas–and ultimately create better work for their clients. 


“Pricing pressure has become one of the biggest threats to the advertising industry, which has always struggled with how to put a price tag on an idea,” said Jodi Heelan, co-founder of Fairly. “Ideas are valuable, but agencies have historically sold the time it takes to come up with an idea, not the value of the idea itself, resulting in the commoditization of agency offerings and effectively reducing the ability to deliver better work for clients.”


Fairly eliminates the friction that naturally occurs between agencies and clients when the bulk of conversations are concentrated on the number of hours on a timesheet or how many people are in a meeting rather than the quality of work. By changing that relationship to one that is centered around delivering results rather than a service, agencies can focus on what matters: delivering ideas that drive actual results to a brand’s bottom line.


“With Fairly, agencies can nix the dreaded timesheet and shift focus from hours to revenue and profitability, the measures of success that matter most,” added Heelan. “Fairly helps agencies set goals and operate their businesses to achieve them, ultimately giving them the ability to deliver better results for their client partners.”


Created by The Variable, Fairly guides agency leaders through creating tighter scopes of work focused on driving real results for clients, while the digital platform’s proprietary algorithm informs accurate pricing to ensure agencies are charging the right prices for their ideas. Fairly’s model provides real-time resource management insights, allowing agency leaders to efficiently and effectively manage valuable resources without using timesheets. And real-time snapshots of revenue, profitability and utilization arm agencies with the information needed to make better business decisions with more certainty. 


With yearly and monthly licensing options starting at just $450 per month, Fairly is a small investment for what could yield a significant increase in margins — and only a fraction of the costs agencies are currently spending tracking time and managing timesheets. 


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