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The People Friendly Index

People-Friendly is

The Upside of Being People-Friendly.


NPS® Scores


Of People Are Willing
Pay More.


to Buy Them Again.


Are Likely To
Recommend to Others.

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Friendliness, Quantified

We spent the past two years uncovering what drives disproportionate growth within organizations. The result of our work is the People-Friendly Index.

We studied companies with high and low NPS and ASCI scores. We got input from thousands of their customers. And we discovered extremely consistent and predictable drivers of those scores – four key dimensions based on 18 measurable markers that are weighted for each marker’s relative importance to people.

The People-Friendly Index is a powerful diagnostic tool that allows you to identify specifically where you’re underperforming as told by your own customers so you can allocate and prioritize resources and investments on the initiatives that will most likely drive business growth.

Here's a cold splash of water.

This Button, as it relates to your company, is a myth.

People Don't Love Your Company

They Barely Even Like It

The issue isn’t that they love some other company, it’s that consumers are generally indifferent towards the things they buy. They love other things.

So how do you break through indifference? How do you become a priority in a world where allegiance is fleeting?

By Becoming A

People-Friendly Business.

A People-Friendly Business:



Creates demand not just to buy, but to buy into their offering.



Shapes, not just what people think along the path to purchase, but how people experience every touchpoint.



Positions themselves not in the minds, but in the lives of people.

People-friendly companies earn envy-inducing NPS scores and ACSI rankings. They outperform the S&P 500, not just for a couple quarters, but over years. They receive praise and repeat purchases from zealous customers. They enjoy high performance and loyalty from their team members across the organization, from the C-suite to the front lines.

But how do you drive organizational focus into people friendliness?

There are so many levers you could pull. Which ones should you pull?

Let's Dive In

What does it take to be a People-friendly business?


The People Friendly Index:
A Guide to Disruptive Growth

Our research findings will show you:

  • The 4 key dimensions to becoming a people-friendly business.
  • How disruptor brands leverage people-friendliness to make their mark.
  • How to diagnose and prioritize the areas where your business can improve.