Looking to spark sales with millennials driving the outdoor cooking category, Char-Broil wanted to launch a new campaign. But instead of the kneejerk recommendation of a humongous ad spend, we identified a much bigger opportunity that would ignite sales, focus R&D, inform advertising, and fundamentally transform the company. We helped make Char-Broil into the most forgiving grills on earth.

Char-Broil needed a way to stand out in a cluttered category. Research showed most buyers were defaulting into a Char-Broil if they couldn’t afford a Weber. They needed to boost consideration, to find a way to be sought after, not just fallen into.

Char-Broil puts great technology into their grills, but they weren’t getting credit for their innovations. Millennials and Boomers were looking for anything that would make grilling easier, and Char-Broil had the products to meet that need. Our strategy was to do the grilling category what Ping Golf did to golf years ago — to introduce the concept of forgiving technology.

It is a bold, differentiated and ownable company strategy that is informing everything from sales and marketing to product development to sales to recruitment.